Unify - Technical Newsletter SME Juni 2017

Unify - Technical Newsletter SME
June 2017



The objective for this newsletter is to help you get the best from your Unify's products by bringing you regular updates, hints and tips.

Dieser Newsletter soll Ihnen wichtige Service Informationen rund um die SME Produkte von Unify geben und sie mit weiteren aktuellen Neuigkeiten zu Servicethemen versorgen.

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Instructions for handling OpenScape Business Systems X3 / X5 systems

References on new systems orders

· New OpenScape Business X3 and X5 systems are now delivered with a more powerful power supply (OCPSM), and a new backplane with improved connectors.

· The new OSPSM power supply now supports all systems with its maximum ports in use without the requirement of a Powerbox. Therefore, the connector for the Powerbox has been removed. Should there be a need for a UPS it can be customized to the customers needs with an external product.

· On the OpenScape Business X5W Slot 10 has been removed. The limits of the system in regards to max. number of supported ports is not affected by this change, there are several different options available on the improved X5W backplane.

· On the OpenScape X3W and X5W systems with the BoosterCard (OCAB) a new fan kit is required. On the OpenScape Business X3R and X5R the fan kit remains the same.

References on existing systems

· Already installed systems are not affected. There is no requirement to replace or upgrade existing systems. Replacement parts for systems with the previously used UPSC-D / DR power supplies and backplanes are available through the parts replacement process.

References for migrating HiPath 33xx and 35xx to OpenScape Business 3X/5X

· There is no requirement to replace the backplane. Please check/follow the existing migration bulletin, e.g. replacement of mainboard, power supply, cover, and discontinued/not supported cards.

· There is the option to replace the existing power supply with either a UPSC-D / DR power supply or the new OCPSM power supply. The OCPSM power supply requires a PSU Upgrade kit.

References to the new backplane

· The new backplanes are only used on new system orders. There is no requirement to upgrade / replace the backplane in existing systems.

· With the new backplane, the slot 10 has been removed (layer 5). With several different design options, the limits on max ports is not affected by this change.

References to the new Fan Kit for OpenScape Business X3W/X5R

· For new system orders of the wall-mounted system X3W and X5W a new fan kit is required to accommodate a connector change, a spare fan kit meant for the old backplane can not be used.
Existing systems with the old backplane are not affected.

· Service Bulletin, on the wall-mounted systems X3W and X5W it is now required to remove the power supply to expose the connector for the fan kit.

References for existing OpenScape Business systems and OCPSM power supplies

· The OSPSM can be used in existing OpenScape systems with the old backplane to replace the existing UPSC-D/DR power supply. The correct PSU upgrade kit is required. The kit includes all components necessary to install the new OSPSM power supply.

· There is no requirement to replace the old backplane when replacing the UPSC-D/DR power supply with a OSPSM power supply.

· If only the new OSPSM is replaced, but not the backplane, the fan kit doesn’t have to be replaced.

· Restrictions:

o The PowerBox connector is not available anymore on OSPSM power supplies.

o The OSPSM power supply doesn’t provide ring voltage for SLA or SLAD cards and these cards have to be replaced with the SLAV version.

References for UPSC-D / DR power supplies in new systems

· In systems with the new backplane the UPSC-D / DR power supplies can not be used anymore.

References for OSPSM power supplies in existing H33xx and H35xx systems

OSPSM power supplies can not be used in existing H33xx and H35xx systems due to the missing ring voltage. With the missing ring voltage needed with the SLA and SLAD, the replacement card SLAV for all OpenScape Business systems is not supported in the HiPath 3000 system SW.

Jarno Hartendorp
SDC Group

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