Major issue in OSBiz V2 R1.1.0_185 i.c.m. OCAB verholpen

Beste Partner,

Vorige week hebben we u geïnformeerd over een Major issue gevonden in OSBiz V2 R1.1.0_185 i.c.m. OCAB. 

Vanmiddag heeft Unify ons bericht, dat het probleem verholpen is.

De oplossing is gemaakt in OSBiz V2 R1.1.0_185a. Door gebruik te maken van de standaard download link in ieder OSBiz V2 systeem, zal deze automatisch geselecteerd worden.

Important Information:


We would like to inform you that the important issue found in OpenScape Business SW V2 R1.1.0_185 (FR1) affecting only OpenScape Business X Systems with OCAB, is corrected and released with the specific GA Release update (V2 R1.1.0_185a). A backup to an external device (USB/net drive/HTTP to local machine) needs to be done immediately on all systems with OCAB which were already upgraded to V2 R1.1.0_185 and did not appear any error till now. We strongly recommend to upgrade all systems already running on FR1 SW (V2 R1.1.0_185) to this updated GA Release SW (V2 R1.1.0_185a).

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Link for download via web Server:


Systems (X1, X3, X5 and X8)*:


(*only for direct system upgrade. Local upgrade only works in systems with OCAB)


Server based systems (Business S or Booster Server):