Major issue gevonden in OSBiz V2 R1.1.0_185 i.c.m. OCAB

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An error was found in OSBiz SW V2 R1.1.0_185 that affects only OpenScape Business X systems with an OCAB.
The effect is that the OCAB on the OpenScape Business with FR1 SW (V2R1.1.0_185) may not come into service after a restart (manual/automatic) happens.

Workaround Steps:

" Shut-down system

" Burn empty (formatted) SDHC card with SW bind 185 (SW is on below link*)

" Swap the OCAB with a brand new OCAB.

" Power the switch-up

" Upgrade OCAB to SW bind 185 (by upgrading the system to SW bind 185)

" Then restore latest back-up.

Final Solution:
Solution was already found and an updated Fix Release 1 SW is planned to be released by the beginning of next week.
Upgrade to the new FR1 SW as soon as it will become available.

Affected OCAB handling:
If there is possibility, "burn" OCAB with latest SW available (updated FR1) to get it restored.
Else send the old OCAB in for repair and get a replacement.

Precaution (on existing systems with OCAB on FR1) A backup to an external device (USB/net drive/HTTP to local machine) needs to be done immediately on all systems with OCAB which were already upgraded to V2 R1.1.0_185 and did not appear any error till now.
Upgrade to the new upcoming SW as soon as it is available (latest by the beginning of next week) as mentioned before.

*SW Link for download via web Server:

Systems (X1, X3, X5 and X8)*:

(*only for direct system upgrade. Local upgrade only works in systems with OCAB)

Server based systems (Business S or Booster Server):

Thank you for understanding.

Technisch Support SDC Group

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