Unify OSBiz V2R4 veldtest

Beste Partner,

Unify vraagt ons naar partners/eindklanten die willen deelnemen aan de veldtest OSBiz V2R4.

Deze veldtest staat gepland te starten halverwege oktober 2017. Mocht je een geschikte eindklant weten die één of meerdere onderstaande functies wil testen en rapporteren, laat het ons dan weten? Vooraf stemmen we samen met jou af of het systeem en de klant geschikt zijn voor deelname.


UC Suite Customers want to use…

  • ·        Microsoft Contact Card Integration incl. CTI and presence mapping, for e.g. dial from Outlook Contact Cards
  • ·        Security: Enhanced Password Policy for UC Suite Clients
  • ·        Security: Disable “bypass VM PW” only possible with Administrator Rights
  • ·        Need a search functionality in external Directory for myAttendant
  • ·        Support High Resolution Monitors for myPortal for Outlook
  • ·        Either Biz X or S


Unified Directory enhancement, an external directory for non UC Suite Customers

  • ·        Looking out for Customers w/o UC, just using the Unified Directory
  • ·        Looking out for Customers with UC Smart and/ or myPortal to go environment
  • ·        Or looking out for Customers with new CP400/600 HFA Phones want to use the Unified Directory on their phone and search in external csv directory
  • ·        Capacitites: CSV Import in Booster Card/Server environments : 100.000 entries , OSBiz X “mainboard only” : 30.000 entries


ITSP Improvements

  • ·        ITSP - perform call forwarding in ITSP network (Call Deflection / Partial Rerouting)
  • ·         ITSP - Line configuration (incoming/outgoing/bidirectional) as we had have with ISDN


OpenScape Accounting V3 – Welcome ! , Small Hotel Solution for OpenScape Business

  • ·        Looking out for Customers with a small Hotel ( up to 125 rooms) and a need of Hospitality Features like Check In/Out , etc. and others.
  • ·        Please request more informations if you have potential customers
  • ·        This Solution based on OpenScape Accounting as a prerequisite and can be activated with a new OpenScape Business Welcome license which fits to smaller hotels


Further V2R4 features not relevant for field trial (just for your information)

  • ·        Application Launcher disabling outgoing requests
  • ·        Application Lauchner in combination with myAgent., optimized license handling , no further UC license needed
  • ·        New Desk Phone CP205 with Gigabit Switch included (already covered)
  • ·        Enhanced LDAP fields for OpenDirectory Service
  • ·        Serviceability: User Search function within UC Suite User Administration

Heb je een geïnteresseerde eindklant, neem contact met ons op.

tel: +31 314 371160

e-mail: jarno@sdcgroup.nl

SDC Support
Jarno Hartendorp

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Hierbij een aanvulling op de inschrijving voor de veldtest OSBiz V2R4.

Aanmelden van systemen en klanten kan t/m 27 sept.2017.

SDC Support
Jarno Hartendorp


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